Monday, October 17, 2016

Protect and Serve: (Ride-Along Three)

Warning: Policing in America is changing drastically; and fast!

To truly experience what it currently means to "protect and serve" one must see it from the inside out.  No longer is it acceptable to attempt to keep the undesirable element of society from interfering with the lives of the law-abiding.  That ship has unfortunately sailed.  Now the uber-liberal, college-educated, politically correct have; like a cancer, metastasized into common sense so that it is on life-support in a dreary wing of some oncology center; wheezing away and awaiting the end of days. These supposed "intellectuals" have already (willingly) used a rusty knife to perform their incremental neutering of this once-noble of professions, and now BLM and its like-minded cadre of mainstream media accomplices are pushing hard to finish the job they started.  The rest of us can only stand on the sidelines shaking our heads; wondering what the hell just happened.

This entire paralyzation movement of American law enforcement has taken root in the left-leaning, socially "progressive" states governed by individuals who want the United States to resemble a much more socialist country.  Unfortunately the administrative levels of police forces in these progressive hotbeds either feel powerless to buck the system or in some way feign support for their own self-promotional (or self-preservation) interests.  Either way the vast majority of the citizenry suffers when their own security, safety, and sanity erodes, as the police are mandated to do next to nothing.

Admittedly I come from the "old school" where laws were laws, and rules were rules.  Not only were they recognizable for what they were; but they're also the same ones that were good enough for my Dad and his father before him.  Now, I can hardly recognize what's become of the basic set of social guidelines I had memorized for what used to constitute, "good citizenry."  Today you can legally pitch a tent on public sidewalks, tarp over large sections of city blocks, urinate into empty bottles, defecate behind shrubbery, lie down in areas of egress, consume alcohol, and do hard drugs in plain sight.  Instead of being compelled to wear the societal dunce-cap of "loser," you are gleefully anointed with the PC title of "homeless" and can proudly flaunt a new (less hurtful) moniker of "urban camper."  Instead of being rounded up and relocated to a place where the rest of us don't have to look at the filth, garbage, and excrement you generate; you are allowed to legally infest the base of every expensive building in a given area: all in the name of misplaced compassion.  Good lord.

For decades we've asked our cops to be the emotional referees of domestic abuse, finders of stolen stuff, arbitrators of meaningless substance-induced arguments and documentors of unlawful traffic encounters.  Now you can add to that; ignorers of the obvious.  The time-tested policing practice known as the "broken windows" theory is gone.  There's no way to tell a mere window, from a heavily dented garage door any longer.  Proactive policing is fast becoming a thing of the past in certain geographical areas.  To be specific; it has now become purely reactive, and that's got "t-r-o-u-b-l-e" written all over it.  I sincerely believe that unless a few forward thinking higher-ups in any given department decide to redesign their police forces from the ground up to focus their attention on the few unlawful activities that are left; these once-proud and effective departments will entirely cease to exist, in just a few short years.  What will take their place is pandemonium and anarchy; a "Lord of the Flies" like society where people are afraid to to leave their own homes.

After that grim preambular portent of impending law enforcement doom; it is with welcome humor that I bring you my personal observations of what most likely constitutes a typical Saturday of policing in a large urban (warm-weather) city.  As we pulled out of Central riding in a stereotypical black and white Ford Crown Victoria that was identified today as "522 John", Officer "L" remarked to me that, "It would be a good day if we (he) didn't see a penis."  I laughed at that, but also wondered exactly what that could mean.   I would soon find out.

Today I would be offered the choice whether to wear a Kevlar vest. Since the two previous times I did a ride-along (sans vest), the political climate in America had changed from bad to worse. One would have thought that the "first black President" would have done much to improve race relations in this country; but just the reverse had occurred.  Just prior to my visit to Southern California there had been a police shooting in Fresno, CA and one just down the street in El Cajon, CA.  I decided that not only was it extremely "badass" to be able to experience wearing one of those; but it might make a bit of common sense too.  I put one on.  It wasn't as heavy as I imagined, but it was going to be bulky and hot under my shirt.

The first call we answered took us to the edge of downtown, just around the corner from a large encampment of street squatters (my words) in what might actually be a nice apartment complex if it hadn't been encircled with human filth.  Did I mention that it is estimated that beautiful downtown San Diego, CA has 6000 of these human varmints milling around at any given time?  Apartment 124 was where a (just recently hospitalized) 55 year-old black man named "WM" had returned to discover that $ 3,300 in cash and a ring had been stolen from his possessions.  WM was "dating" a 21 year-old black female that was (shall we say) a bit of an opportunist and allegedly decided that she could help herself to what she wanted, while he was staying with a friend during recovery.  Of course she had a key to the place given to her by WM.  Yes the cash was in an envelope in his jacket pocket hanging in the same closet where she had left all her belongings even though she was asked to leave and not come back.  Of course the ring had once been a "promise ring" from WM for the young woman that she had given back after a break-up, but apparently felt she deserved.  Yes she could not be located presently, but there was an address where she might be. This is where I would have preferred to drive right to the girlfriend's last known residence and attempt to recover the goods, or at least get her side of the story.  Unfortunately that's not how it's done in today's modern (union) police force; everyone has a "specialty".  Instead, Officer L dutifully took down the information for his colleagues in the Detective section for their future attempt at retrieving WM's property.  WM was tearful as we left...and yes, embarrassed by both his poor life choices and by his bad luck.

Did you know that it is not a crime to have in your possession; a shopping cart that does not belong to you?  Yes it's true.  The only way that cops can get into your business is if they have a credible report from an establishment that a particular cart has been "stolen" from them.  This would involve some serious measures to inventory each cart and someone to watch over the carts, etc. in the (very likely) event that one went missing.  Police have been told not to hassle anyone over the many, many carts that litter the sidewalks of San Diego and have become unlikely urban wagon trains for this new breed of pioneering "settler" of American cities.  People are injured over their stolen shopping carts by other urban pioneers looking to increase their herd or wealth.  Shopping carts are the new "pack-mules" of today; life lines to domesticity and nomadic subsistence.

The second call of the day signaled the unceremonious unveiling of the first penis. This one belonged to a burned-out-surfer-looking dude named "JM."  We drove around a bit, back and forth across a few blocks in order to locate him; he wasn't where the call had first indicated he would be. We  finally found him standing barefoot on a corner near downtown in the company of a trio of unlucky private security employees; one on a Segway.  JM wore nothing but a soiled, thick blue towel that was loosely wrapped around his waist.  The private security folks were visibly relieved when we stepped out of the car and walked towards them. Officer L took control of the situation by verbally getting his attention with a series of questions aimed at assessing his mental acuity.  He looked as though he had struck his right temple on something that caused him to lose some blood in the recent past.  His face was painted with the (now-dried) brownish-red remnants from his eye to his jawline.  He staggered, stumbled, steadied himself, and alternatingly repeated the process as I stood nearby listening to the series of questions and slurred answers given by JM.  He spun a fragmented and foggy story of being roused from his sleep around 10-ish that morning feeling he was late for his appointment to have his teeth installed at Mercy Hospital.  (JM surely did not have any teeth in his head by my observation.)  He had rushed out and onto the street with only his towel to "meet his friend at the corner."  You see JM was merely standing on the street corner waiting for his ride.

Officer L demonstrated immense patience and concern as he attempted to determine the cerebral stability of JM, with his line of questions.  One memorable answer from JM was to a question asked in regard to whether he had a caseworker (as in social services caseworker).  JM looked straight at Officer L and replied that he did indeed have a caseworker and when asked which facility he or she came from, JM promptly replied, "a liquor store."  In the meantime an EMT vehicle finally arrived at the scene.  The crew quickly took a look at JM and determined that the wound was not presently bleeding and with a short discussion between them and Officer L; gladly disengaged themselves from further service.  They left, not before surrendering a "yellow" (plastic blanket) to JM, to provide him (and the rest of San Diego County) with greater protection from exposure.  Deciding that JM should be considered a prime candidate for a 72 hour-hold (5150 transport) he was able to coax him into the backseat of the cruiser with his "yellow" wrap in tow.  JM sat-slumped in the back of the squad as we rode to UCSD; allowing his forehead to bump the divider glass and cage with each press of the brake.  Officer L kept conversing with him to ensure his well-being as we drove; ensuring him that he had "done nothing wrong" but that he needed to be cared for at the hospital.

It was a short trek to the emergency room and we parked on the street opposite the ramp that lead to the entrance.  JM was roused from a semi-sleeping state and encouraged to walk with us to the door.  I assisted through voice commands and by acting as a pinball bumper might to the steel ball; gently nudging him into a straighter pathway to the entrance.  The "brrrap" of passing gas made me smile and giggle as JM waddled-shuffled across the street.  He was doing his best to keep his privates covered; but not succeeding.  Officer L attempted to sidestep the "usual" check-in method by politely asking the UCSD staff we encountered, if JM could be left in the non-public area instead of us guiding JM to the front counter of the emergency room full of coughing, sneezing, and miserable people who were already seated in the waiting room.  The staff unfortunately had no sympathy with our plight so off we trundled to plant JM's bare butt in a vinyl chair, in front of a suddenly wide-eyed and slightly horrified intake receptionist named "Maggie."  After her sincere attempt to interview JM for her paperwork questions missed the mark; we escorted him around the corner through double doors and down another hallway into a hastily prepared gurney in the hallway.  JM crash-landed, face-first on the soft, clean bedding and was snoring in under 30 seconds.  We stood "guard" until a nurse was free and could take responsibility for our wayward, dentally challenged, guest.  I left thinking that having 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep would do wonders for him; for starters.

We drove back towards downtown and responded to a call at the glorious Golden West Hotel.  This one dealt with a senior man who said he was threatened by another senior man's cane after a disputed involving a guitar amplifier.  There were already two officers on site talking with one party when we showed up.  Apparently these two gentlemen (both in their late 60s) had previously been friendly with each other.  One was an Hispanic and the other  was black.  Something happened that made their friendship disappear involving this amplifier but I'll be damned if I know what it was.  The three officers all sorted it out while I looked around the place and marveled at the architecture; taking pictures.  The upshot of that call was that the two were basically (highly) encouraged to steer clear of each other in the future; since no charges were being filed.

What was supposed to be our final call of the day was to relieve an officer that had been "standing guard" over a hospitalized man at UCSD since 6:00 AM that morning.  This activity would turn out to be our second penis sighting of the day.  The name printed on classic wristband on the late 60's black man lying in the hospital bed was "Fourtyone Volunteer."  (more on that in a minute).  Exactly why there was a large black SDPD officer standing in this particular cramped section of the ICU overlooking the two hospital employees trying to run a camera into Fourtyone's artery, was a mystery; even to him.  The story filled itself in a bit after we had officially exchanged places and allowed the officer to finally leave the hospital.  The man in the bed was actually "GJ" and he'd been there over 48 hours.  The silly name on the wristband was placed there at the initial intake when GJ had come in unable to assist with his real name.  Apparently this hospital is known for some of the more creative (temporary) names given to patients in similar situations.  GJ was squirming and moaning when the two of us tried to settle in for a few hours of supervision.  The needle and camera that was being manually pushed and steered into his arm wasn't cooperating, and it was apparently important for nurse Emily to get some arterial blood for some test she must have needed to run.  All that squirming, moaning and repositioning of GJ's body caused there to be unfortunate extended uncoverage of his male member.  I looked away as fast as I could; but it was too late...#2 was in the books.  (May I please have some eye-bleach Maggie?)

GJ slowly filled us in with his version of what had occurred a few evening's ago, that landed him in this particular hospital bed with a 24/7 police escort.  He told us in a gravely-dry, somewhat southern accent that he had moved out a few days before from his apartment downtown.  Before finding a place, he had decided to walk through one area where there was a large urban-camper population.  He bumped into someone he knew and before you can say, "oh shit" he had been stabbed in the heart by this guy.  GJ admitted that he had taken a swing at the guy first and knocked him flat, and had then grabbed this dude's cane to wave it in his face as the dude groggily got to his feet.  The dude then sneakily grabbed a knife from his pocket and with one quick motion; sent GJ to UCSD with a serious surgery-worthy problem.  Why it was GJ that was taken by the police to be watched was still uncertain; no one in the room could say exactly why.  Was GJ "charged" with anything?  "No," replied the man with the chest-drainage tube attached to a small pump on the floor.  This was uncharacteristically odd from what I was gathering.  Here the guy that took the worst part of the encounter was the one that the SDPD was guarding from flight; not the heart-stabber.  GJ even told us the guy's name and where he could be found. you believe GJ or do you not; that was the real question.  Meanwhile nurse Emily and a cleaning employee started a discussion regarding the particular fragrance that the cleaner was wearing.  It was Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds and nurse Emily really wanted to get herself some.  I watched the different monitors that were hooked up to GJ as they payed out a constant stream of telemetry on his vital signs.  I wondered if 159/96 was "normal" BP for a man post-op after a heart stabbing.  It seemed a bit too high for my liking.

It was about 3:45 PST when we were relieved by another SDPD cop. Officer L filled in this newcomer with the details as described by GJ and made special emphasis that he was not charged.  The new cop said he'd make a few calls and hopefully straighten it out.  We left the hospital and drove back to Central.  This would have been the end of the shift and we were going to join our wife and girlfriend for a long-awaited Mexican meal in Poway when some guy in the "Resource Room" gave us the bad news.  Officer L had been "held-over" for another shift! This news was not welcome as it was previously unknown to Officer L and to nearly every other cop we saw in the station.  It was particularly distasteful when the reason for the double shift was known. Apparently BLM or some other dipshit offshoot group was to have a "protest march" from Balboa Park to the Hall of Justice downtown and the police were needed to assist this act of free speech. That's Irony with a capital I isn't it?  These misguided clowns wanted to march down the streets complaining about the very group of city employees that were there to keep the peace and protect and serve them.  We headed out to an area of the city near the Hall of  Justice, to blend in with a meeting that was well underway between the SDPD's "mobile command center" and the rest of the officers that were called in to participate.

A small knot of fresh-faced, eager cops who had just begun their first official day of service milled around with their full riot-gear fastened to various clips and rings attached to their belts.  Bunches of thick, white max-cuff double disposable restraints festooned each officer's waistline.  Batons and face-shielded helmets also had their special place amongst the other gadgets and weapons each one carried.  We stood around and waited and waited for someone with rank to finally herd these police-cats into position; wherever that would turn out to be.  Police cars came and went.  Civilians came and went; some asking what was going on.  We waited and waited some more when a short, blondish police woman arrived (who turned out to be a lieutenant) and began to give some directions to the assembled.  She anointed Officer L to find a nearby parking lot where her chosen units could "wait out of sight" until the marchers had passed by, "in case" they were needed.  Basically we were going to hide out.  We all got into our squads and after a few turns of the corner, arrived at a nearly full parking lot around the corner of the main marching route.  The officers all left their vehicles and obediently gathered around the lieutenant.  I was still by the car taking pictures when she looked in my direction.  I saw her summon another veteran officer and then that guy came over to me.  He noticed I was an "Observer" (I had on my official "Observer" name tag) and asked me who I was.  I explained that I was with Officer L and that Officer Rager was my step-daughter.  The officer claimed he didn't know Officer Rager until I pulled out my iPhone and showed him a picture of her in uniform.  The guy then turned and walked back to the lieutenant and talked to her.  Shortly afterward, the same guy came back to me and told me and Officer L that, "The Chief didn't want any ride-alongs at this event" and that Officer L was to take me "back to the sub."

Two thought occurred to me then.  One was that the lieutenant was lying about the "Chief" not wanting any ride-alongs because I had not observed her call or talk to anyone else, before sending me away.  The second was how idiotic a decision like that would be in light of the fact that anyone in an Observer position should be made privy to the marching event particularly from a police perspective, so that real story could be told.  But just as I began this recounting of my ride-along with my distaste for what policing has become (and is more and more becoming) in America;  it all made sense.  The liberal progressives had struck another blow in their war on cops.  They have them running scared for their very jobs, and no unforced risks can be tolerated.  Remember the SDPD was one of the first in the country to pilot these stupid "body cameras" that are all over the place these days on police forces big and small.  Unless it's "seen" (and seen clearly) via a police body camera; it didn't happen that way.  Eyewitness accounts from trained professionals, bystanders, etc. count for bupkus in America today.  Evidence, schmevidence...was there a body camera video?  Even audio isn't as convincing to today's liberals; it must be seen.  Can you imagine if there wasn't filmed footage of the Apollo moon landings?  Oh wait; people think those were faked.  Well you get my point; we've totally walked ourselves into this pigeonhole of video-believability or bust.  We are sincerely screwed if we don't wake up and revisit what we've done.  No one will ever be guilty of breaking any laws and any criminal activity will be fine, as long as no camera caught it.
Urban Campers along the freeway convenient!
In summary, I just want everyone who has made it this far into this blog to know that I love the men and women in blue.  I respect that their job is extremely difficult and thankless.  The risks that they take with their very lives on behalf of the unwitting public cannot be understated.  I have among my relatives many cousins and others close to me on police forces across the country.  I salute your sacrifice and your valor in the face of building resentment.  Your job is invaluable and I hope with all my heart that some will still answer that inner calling to become a part of this necessary service to average Americans.  Thank you all for your dedication and perseverance.  What you've been asked to do has been hijacked and has been made nearly impossible by the PC establishment for its own aggrandizement.  You've got the weight of the world on your backs as well as a target placed there by BLM and basically all liberals across this great country.  Be careful and stay safe...we NEED you!

PS: GJ...we found out later he was released from police watch as he hadn't been charged with anything within a 36 hour window and told he was free to go when he recovered.  Wow...what a hospital bill that'll be for the tax-payers of San Diego County!

The ever-watchful San Diego Clock Tower

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

...and the media says (asks) nothing...AGAIN

Another LIAR in the Obama administration – Dame Janet Napolitano
2-28-13 – Knew NOTHING about it, had NOTHING to do with it…

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed Thursday that she had no part in her department's decision to release low-risk illegal immigrant detainees as a way to deal with looming cuts to the department's budget.

In an interview with ABC News, Napolitano claimed even she was surprised to learn about the release of the prisoners, which drew criticism from many Republican lawmakers. 

"Detainee populations and how that is managed back and forth is really handled by career officials in the field," she said.

Napolitano also conceded that the decision was poorly timed, saying she wishes people, herself included, weren't caught by surprise by the announcement. 

3-4-13 - Promises to CONTINUE the practice, she knows nothing about…

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano promised to release more illegal immigrants into the United States, saying the budget sequester has left her no choice.

Several hundred detainees have already released because of the sequester, she insisted. They were released on bail, or because their legal status had changed, she said.

“We’re going to continue to do that … for the foreseeable future,” Napolitano said at a March 4 breakfast meeting hosted by Politico. “We are going to manage our way through this by identifying the lowest risk detainees, and putting them into some kind of alternative to release.”

…and the accomplice media doesn’t even confront her on her previous lie…sock puppets that they are.  This is another example of how this president and the liberal democrat administration plans to rule America by FEAR, rather than by competence.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States....yeah right Mr. Obama.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What difference, at this point, does it make?

...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked about ascertaining whether the Benghazi terror attack was the result of a protest by Senator Ron Johnson. "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Clinton shouted, seemingly losing her cool.
Below you will find (spot on) commentary from Rush Limbaugh on the absolute farce that was yesterday's (1-23-13) U.S. Senate hearing featuring the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton questioning her about the CAUSE of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans.  


Remember the Obama "Administration" peddled the "fact" that the Benghazi attack was due to a spontaneous uprising that spawned out of a stupid video - for weeks!  Obama (and CNN's Candy Crowley) state that he (Obama) immediately called the incident an "act of terror." it was an act of terror, but what Obama DIDN'T say (the next day in the Rose garden - and it was a distinction Romney totally swung and missed on) was it actually was an act of "TERRORISTS."  That's the important distinction that exists to this day, and is the sole reason conservatives won't let this bone go.  Words MEAN things.  A lie is a lie, dishonesty is dishonesty, and a fabrication is a fabrication.  Consider that while on his endless campaign trail (with the help of his useful idiot Joe Biden) Obama's battle cry included endless references to Al Qaeda being "on the run."  So, ask yourself; How could Benghazi have been caused by "terrorISTS" if they were already "running" due to Obama's stellar and magical job performance?  That image (for the American voting public) was what he and his minions (including those in the media) were so desperate to protect.  Because it never got the traction it deserved (the LIES and SUBTERFUGE) - Obama was not harmed in any way and ERGO - he won re-election.

I think this blog post should be circulated to as many individuals as possible, because it is so common sense, correct about the whole question Mrs. Clinton (shouted) asked of, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"  I want liberals (particularly ones that voted Obama into a second term and who LOVE Ms. Hillary regardless) to answer the question she posed...honestly.

RUSH: What difference does it make? The administration lied to the American people. What difference does it make the president lied to the American people? What difference does it make that Jay Carney lied to the American people? What difference does it make that Susan Rice lied to the American people on six different shows or five? What difference does it make that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people? What difference does any of it make? Don't you understand what we're doing here? What difference does it make? I had to stand next to flag-draped coffins. I had to hug family members of the dead. What difference does it make?
What difference does it make? You're the ones spreading the story. What difference does it make? You're the ones that told us why this supposedly happened. We're talking about four dead Americans. What difference does it make? You tell us that you're gonna make sure doesn't happen again and you can't even be honest with people about why it happened? Back in October, Hillary told Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, who was one of the four dead Americans, Hillary told that guy's father that the US would make sure that the person who made that video is arrested and prosecuted. What difference does it make?
What difference does it make that everybody was lying through their teeth about this because the truth might have imperiled Obama's reelection. What difference does it make? Now, I mentioned that I have never seen the amount of fawning, butt kissing that I saw at this hearing this morning from senators from both parties, and we have a montage. Now, this is not gonna be easy for you to hear, but this happened. My stream-of-consciousness monologue the first hour of this program was based on this.
BOB CORKER: I want to thank you for coming. I know you've had some health issues, are still undergoing, and yet you're here and I think we all do respect the tremendous amount of hard work that you've put forth over the last four years.
JAMES RISCH: Thank you for your service, and thank you for the kindness you've shown this committee.
MARCO RUBIO: We're glad to see you here and wish you all the best.
RON JOHNSON: I'd like to join my colleagues in thanking you for your service sincerely, and also appreciate the fact that you're here testifying and glad that you're looking in good health.
JEFF FLAKE: Thank you for your testimony and also thank you, as others have said, for yours service. Traveling over a million miles and more than a hundred countries.
JOHN BARRASSO: As a doctor, I have seen you work yourself to exhaustion, not for your own benefit but for the benefit of the people in this country, and the country is grateful for that.
JOHN MCCAIN: Thank you, Madam Secretary. We thank you. We thank you for your outstanding and dedicated service to this nation and we are proud of you.
RUSH: What difference does it make? This is the ruling class circling the wagons. What is this about? How did four Americans lose their lives? We have somebody in a job totally unsuited for it, not qualified, wasn't around, lied to the American people about why it happened, and we get this kind of fawning butt kissing. "Oh, you're wonderful. Oh, the miles. Oh, the service. Oh, the concern, the American people are forever thankful for you, oh, my God."
In their dreams the American people are thankful. But that's what they want. They want every citizen getting up every day and having that exact attitude about everybody in government. "Oh, you're wonderful. Oh, you're doing everything for us. Oh, you're working so hard. Oh, you care so deeply. Oh, you've got the best wardrobe. Oh, I'm sorry that you had a concussion. Oh, you've really done well to overcome your health. Oh, you're just the best. Oh, you're so beautiful. Oh, you care so much. Your compassion is unparalleled, oh, my God, we're so lucky to have you," blah, blah, blah. Puke fest.
RUSH: Let's not forget here, folks, it was Hillary Clinton and Obama who got us into Libya, decided to get rid of Moammar Khadafy, put Chris Stevens in harm's way. Hillary and Obama helped to unleash the Arab Spring, overthrow an alley in the War on Terror. They gave the arms to the Libyan rebels and money.
What difference does it make? Imagine Romney saying that in a debate? What difference does it make where my money is? What difference does it make where I put my dog when I went on vacation? What difference does it make? Imagine going to the families of the flag draped caskets, "What difference does it make how they died? What difference does it make what caused it?"
RUSH: Rand Paul put it best this morning in the Senate version, the hearings on Mrs. Clinton. He said, "Not to know of these requests for security cost these people their lives.... I don't suspect your motives, but it was a failure of leadership; there is culpability to the worst tragedy since 9/11." She's out there saying, "We didn't know of these requests for security." Of course not. She's just the secretary of state. What difference does it make anyway that people requested more security? What difference does that make? In fact, that, I think, is the Obama administration. What difference does it make?

The "Difference" Mrs. Clinton could be no more clear and chilling: there are four DEAD Americans and our country now has four more years of Obama (and is heading the same way)...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 - Post-Election Musings for Conservatives

The people have spoken.
They have re-elected their president for another four years. While I admit to being no expert on the subject of running campaigns; I do have thoughts and opinions as anyone else may who had invested a great deal of time and energy trying to assist their candidate(s) to victory.
Will anyone ever read what I have written?  Is there anyone else out there who reasons as I do?  Does anyone really give the slightest darn what I think?  In the great scheme of things I suppose the answers to my ponderings don’t matter.  What does matter is that it is cathartic to write them down; to get them out of my head, and onto virtual paper.

 In reflecting upon the results of the 2012 election, I have been grappling with the same age-old questions posed by the losing side of any election campaign; How can “these people” (the majority of voters who elected “candidate X”) think the way they do…what is wrong with them…how can they not see what I see, etc?  Getting to the bottom of these nebulous musings is like trying to catch fog in a mason jar.  For conservatives like me, the paradigm in which we live is so black and white in contrast - so “clear” to our entire being that it is nearly impossible to venture outside it, to even catch a glimpse of the converse universe.
The first place I “went” with my post-election attempts at trying to understand what went wrong was to explore the ticklish area of electorate intelligence.  I say ticklish, because it’s too easy and condescending to suggest that you are merely “smarter” than your average liberal voting counterpart. However that would be mean-spirited, and called out as ad hominem criticism.  While there may be large nuggets of truth to the claim that the majority of voters don’t understand the complexities of enormous national budgets, crippling deficits and looming “fiscal cliffs”; it is this meme that conservatives all too readily rally towards; attempting to “explain” their way to victory.  It’s like serving up a steaming plate of Brussels sprouts trying to pass them off as French fries…uh, uh…no way Jose’.

Both conservatives and liberals each have a time-tested way of energizing their bases.  These voters are basically a “given” and I’m not suggesting an abandonment of this effort; I merely suggesting a fresh look by conservatives specifically at the table-turning voting electorate that shuns and ignores things that are uninteresting to them or their (in-the-moment) lives.

Let’s take the rough percentages and margin of victory from the just completed presidential election.  As of this thesis the popular vote went, 50% of Americans voted Obama, and 49% voted Romney.  If you are reading this as a conservative you know why the 49% voted for Governor Romney. If you are reading this as a liberal; you wouldn’t have a clue, and the point of this blog entry would have bored you by now anyway.  While I admit to not knowing the exact percentage breakdown on the following categories, allow me to guess at a few magnet issues that appeal to that 50% and influence their voting trends:
  • Woman’s reproduction and choice
  • Health care
  • Screw the rich derangement
  • Immigration
  • Environmental and “green” initiatives
  • Labor unions
  • Free stuff

I may have missed a few, but that’s not the point. Let’s imagine that the above list constitutes the lion’s share of that 50% amount - people who vote democrat for one or more of their core issues.  The REAL question -the one that needs to be answered is:  What about the “rest” of the “independent” left-leaning electorate…the percentage that has put democrats over the top in the two (head-shaking) terms of Bill Clinton and now has Barack Hussein Obama back in the POTUS saddle for another bumpy four-year ride?

 After this election I truly believe that I have the beginnings of a theory that is so simple that conservatives (republicans) completely miss (or dismiss) it.  I’ll call it (AIS) or the “American Idol Syndrome.”  For those conservatives still reading this, you are now either chuckling or your jaw is starting to drop.  Think about it…democrats have long understood this concept without actually naming it.  Republicans focus on elimination of supposed “cheating” and voter ID legislation to save the process of casting legitimate votes as their salvation and path to the Whitehouse.  I say, forget those efforts and EMBRACE the AIS voter, and the concept of wooing them!
Democrats understand that there is a certain percentage of American voters that will forever be swayed by “popular” opinion and just how “cool” and “with it” their candidate “appears.”  Face it, that particular voting bloc has been asked to root for specific human beings and to cast their “votes” accordingly since before the TV show “Survivor” hit the airwaves.  The individuals “chosen” by these AIS voters need to be cool, good looking, talented, approachable, funny, vulnerable, and to forever come off as the underdog.  Obama’s re-election bid handlers successfully spun this sitting president (with his  woeful economic and abysmal fiscal record) as the challenger…the challenger!  American AIS voters bought it as they sat lapping up the late-nite host interviewer’s softball questions for Obama designed to make them “feel” that the guy was one of them, and was getting the shaft.  If these voters would have had a call-in number flash on the bottom of the screen during Letterman or Jimmy Fallon’s show; believe me they would have “voted” then and there for the president to stay on the island, or to advance to the final round.

Republicans entirely dismiss the so-called “social” issues as meaningful election-fodder when staring at eminent fiscal collapse has them distracted.  Old guard campaigners on their team have only one playbook and unfortunately it does not include being “popular” as an option.  I suggest hiring a successful Hollywood director/producer next election cycle to craft an image that has America eating out of the republican candidate’s hand, instead of the same old offering of pan-scorched spinach.  Again, I’m not suggesting an abandonment of conservative principals - just a little maple sugar sauce on the carrots for those that need the extra enticement into consuming something that’s good for them; despite its reputation.

My thoughts…what are yours?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Over One Million Tiny Lines ~ One Great Purpose

Inconceivable Support

Imagine for a minute being personally affirmed by 1,334,450 people.  How would that feel?  Only those who have served in public office in positions elected by majority vote can possibly know (or could guess) the answer to that question.

Line up over one-million-three-hundred-thousand human beings in a long, long, looong line (505 miles long) ; shake hands with everyone in that line while they tell you, “good job, keep it up.”  At a mere three seconds each; it would take over 1,112 hours or 46.34 (24-hour) days to feel that kind of love. (and a whole lot of hand-sanitizer)

That’s an example of the heartfelt and passionate love recently given to Governor Scott Walker as the final Wisconsin resident votes (to again-elect him) were tallied on June 5th, 2012.  We can’t even begin to understand the myriad emotions that must overwhelm Governor Walker when he stops to ponder that nearly unfathomable fact. 

Wisconsin was admitted to the Union on May 29, 1848.  Governor Scott Walker is Wisconsin’s 44th person to follow the first governor of the State, Nelson Dewey who was elected June 7th 1848.   The longest-serving governor was TommyThompson, who took office on January 5, 1987 and resigned on February 1, 2001, a total of 14 years and 28 days. Arthur MacArthur, Sr. had the shortest term: he was governor for a total of just 5 days—from March 21, 1856 to March 25, 1856.

The angry Blue Fist was finally DEAD!

As voters, we each know the personal reasons that we drew a single horizontal pencil line on that historic day; a single 5/8" line of No.2 graphite that spoke volumes.  For some it was an exclamation point that repudiated all the incessant protesting, deafening hollering, and unhinged gnashing of teeth demonstrated by “their” side.  For others it was a solid affirmation of the direction that the State was heading; but in any case the message was heard loud and clearly across America...
Forward Wisconsin…Forward!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milwaukee Streetcar idea is OFF TRACK

Milwaukee is bound and determined to ram a streetcar system down the throats of the taxpayers.

Unfortunately this streetcar "idea" has taken on a life of its own: fancy website pages, fabulous artist's renderings, nifty quotes from "green" groups and other lefty philanthropists, colorful brochures, hundreds of hours of meetings, political speeches, and political capital expenditures. The largest contributors to the fantasy are the vociferous and romanticizing train pundits themselves. 

This “snowball” concept of colorful tracked-metal conveyances started small and (with a well-intentioned, but ill-advised shove) is rolling downhill under its own weight; gobbling up all sanity as it seemingly cannot either be stopped nor reconsidered. It is a “one-track” solution to bringing some life and glitzy eye-candy to our downtown area. I agree (having spent time in other larger metropolitan areas) that Milwaukee lacks a certain “vibe” and “access” to its downtown that other cities have somehow achieved; however building a streetcar LINE is too costly (to taxpayers) and too disruptive (to businesses and the general public) to balance out any theoretical gains. 

If Milwaukee truly wants a mass transit system to service (and promote) its downtown; there are multiple ways to reach that goal without the planned infrastructure of train tracks embedded in its streets. Consider the Orlando, FL system of LYNX. ( It is not “track-based” technology, but rather 4-wheeled and mobile. Routes can be tailored to ridership and don’t require the loss of hundreds of choice parking spots. Talk about environmentally friendly; by definition public transportation is logically environmentally friendly. Just one full LYNX bus operating on new Biodiesel fuel is equivalent to 43 less cars on the roadway. The units themselves are designed and uniquely colored in an edgy way to promote ridership. LYNX operates a fleet of 290 buses on 65 routes, called Links, and has service every day of the year. These buses are usually random solid colors including red, purple, blue, pink, etc. and the rest are wrapped in advertising. The successful system has been in existence since 2004. 

In short: If the City of Milwaukee is hell-bent to take and spend Federal taxpayer funds for a mass-transit system – create one that makes sense and would likely be embraced by a majority of the surrounding community on BOTH sides of the political (and ideological) aisle.

Friday, August 5, 2011

ON WISCONSIN! - Keep it up Governor Walker

Thank you Governor Walker and the State Legislature for doing the job WE elected you to do!

If you'd like to see all the money Wisconsin municipalities are now saving themselves as a result of the Governor's budget (courtesy of the Wisconsin legislature, thank you VERY much) look HERE

Biennial budget bill – filling the 3-billion dollar Jim Doyle hole.
  • Includes: Paying back Minnesota- a step in reinstating the popular, but recently terminated Minnesota-Wisconsin tax reciprocity program by paying back the roughly $60 million in overdue bills that was owed to Minnesota.
  • Includes: 200 million dollar medical malpractice fund restored - The patients’ compensation fund was raided under a bipartisan deal reached in 2007 with then-Gov. Jim Doyle and the Legislature.
  1. Extension of unemployment benefits for 13 more weeks.
  2. Governor-Appointment:  Veterans Affairs Secretary.
  3. Development Opportunity Zone created in Beloit, WI.
  4. Earned Release - repeals sentencing modifications that allowed criminals out early.
  5. Concealed Carry for Wisconsin – 49th state to do so.
  6. Greater School Choice(s) – expansion.
  7. Deer hunting expansion - DNR overreach curtailment of “earn a buck.”
  8. Presidential Primary - would move the date of Wisconsin’s primary elections to the first Tuesday in April during years in which the president and vice-president are elected, was introduced on May 27.
IMPORTANT: If you are in one of the following RECALL districts, please vote to STAY THE COURSE by defeating any DEMOCRAT with your vote!

August 9 Recall Elections
Six incumbent Republican Senators will face recall elections on August 9:
  • SD-2: Sen. Robert Cowles (R) v. Nancy Nusbaum (D)
  • SD-8: Sen. Alberta Darling (R) v. Rep. Sandra Pasch (D)
  • SD-10: Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R) v. Shelly Moore (D)
  • SD-14: Sen. Luther Olsen (R) v. Rep. Fred Clark (D)
  • SD-18: Sen. Randy Hopper (R) v. Jessica King (D)
  • SD-32: Sen. Dan Kapanke (R) v. Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D)
August 16 Recall Elections
Two incumbent Democratic Senators will face recall elections on August 16:
  • SD-12: Sen. Jim Holperin (D) v. Kim Simac (R)
  • SD-22: Sen. Robert Wirch (D) v. Jonathan Steitz (R)